How to Prepare For Your Office Visit

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How to Prepare For Your Office Visit

It is important to follow the instructions closely for an accurate test result.

To prepare for your office appointment, follow the steps below. If you do not have an appointment or wish to reschedule an existing appointment, or if you have any questions, please call (818) 745-9558 or email us, or click here to use our online scheduling.

New Client FormStep 1: The client form.
If this is your first time doing a hair analysis with us, fill out either the New Client Form – for Adults, 18 years and over, or the New Client Form – for Children and Adolescents under 18 Years.

If you have done a hair analysis with us before and this is a repeat hair analysis, fill out the Repeat Hair Analysis Form.

Wash Your Hair Step 2: Wash your hair at least 4 hours but no longer than 24 hours before your appointment.
For example, if your appointment is at noon on Friday, wash your hair no later than 8:00 a.m. on Friday, or wash it the night before (on Thursday night). Wash your hair with a regular shampoo. Do not use dandruff shampoos as they often contain minerals which may alter the test results. For example, Head and Shoulders Shampoo contains zinc which could elevate the zinc reading, and Selsun Blue Shampoo contains selenium which can elevate this reading.

For best results, avoid using conditioners before coming in. Do not place other products on your hair such as leave-in conditioners, hair gel, hair cream, hair spray or others until after we’ve cut the hair sample.

No Hair Products

IF YOU HAVE A WATER SOFTENER it is very important that you wash your hair twice with spring water or another un-softened water before we take the sample. This does not have to be twice in the same day, but needs to be two times in a row (do not allow the softened water to get on your hair between, during or after the two washings). Once we have cut the sample, you may return to using your regular softened water. If you do not know whether or not you have a water softener, check our Questions & Answers section on our website for information or call our office. How do I know if I have a water softener?

DYES, BLEACH, HIGHLIGHTS AND PERMS These can alter the structure of the hair. So we must either sample the hair before a treatment or after you have washed the hair five or more times following a treatment. (The hair tends to re-balance after five washings.)

Wait Four HoursStep 3: After washing your hair…

In the 4 to 24 hours between the time you wash your hair and your hair sampling appointment, avoid any activity which will cause you to sweat excessively before we cut your sample, as this may affect the hair analysis results. Hair needs to be dry when sampling, so avoid putting wet hair in hats, pony tails or any other style that will prevent the hair from drying by your appointment time.

FOR MORE INFORMATION see the Hair Sampling section of our Questions & Answers.

For more information:
Call (818) 745-9558 or Email using the form below.

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